Opposed By Our Enemies

Opposition from Enemies Book of Nehemiah Chapters 4 thru 6 The one thing we will always see as we are involved in the work of the Lord is, we will always be opposed by those in the world! Persecution is a fact of life for those who are believers and follow the Lord Jesus Christ!Continue reading “Opposed By Our Enemies”

Getting Your Priorities In Order

Reordering Priorities Book of Haggai Last week we saw that the 70 -year prophesy of Jeremiah had been true and many of those of Israel in captivity were released by King Cyrus to return home and to rebuild the Temple. It got off to a great start, but it soon ran out of steam andContinue reading “Getting Your Priorities In Order”

The Second Temple

The Work Begins Book of Ezra Six months have passed since we began our study of the Book of John and now, we will spend some time in the Old Testament. In 539 BC the Persians and the Medes under King Cyrus had defeated the Babylonians in a fierce battle for world domination just asContinue reading “The Second Temple”