The Lord of Glory, The Second Coming of Christ Jesus

The Coming of Christ in Glory Book of Revelation Chapter 19 Verse 11 through 21 The one event that much of the world has been talking about and waiting on from the beginning is the “Coming of the Messiah”. Most every religion has some sort of a messiah! For the Church we know that theContinue reading “The Lord of Glory, The Second Coming of Christ Jesus”

Trouble Is Coming The AntiChrist

The Coming Time of Trouble Book of Daniel Chapters 11-12 As we continue in these lessons in the Book of Daniel, we have seen that the Holy Spirit gave Daniel a realistic view of world history, before it was history. Next, let me say up front, I am not qualified to go this deep intoContinue reading “Trouble Is Coming The AntiChrist”

A Faithful Walk With The Lord

Following Faithfully 2 Thessalonians 3:1-18 We have reached the end of our study of the two books to the Thessalonians. These letters were written to the Church at Thessalonica but the Apostle Paul insisted that they be circulated throughout to every church as they are today. God has now given us the complete canon ofContinue reading “A Faithful Walk With The Lord”