Building Onto the House of God

Staying Right with Fellow Christians Book of 1 Peter Chapter 5:1-14 You know for a simple fisherman the Apostle Peter had come a long way toward perfection by this time in his life. Peter dealt with the persecution of the Church in words given to him by the Holy Spirit, for in the end thisContinue reading “Building Onto the House of God”

The World Does Not Like Us

Enduring Persecution 1 Peter Chapter 4:12-19 Persecution is pain and or affliction, deliberately designed to cause harm to others, especially to Christians. Today according to the Open Doors Ministry there are eleven Christians per day killed just because they have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as there Savior, there are many more injured in oneContinue reading “The World Does Not Like Us”

Having the Mind of Jesus Christ

Having the Mind of Christ Book of 1 Peter Chapter 4:1-11 Remember in our last lesson the Apostle Peter talked a lot about our conscience and today the Holy Spirit will take this to the next level. If you have been a Christian for any length of time, you have realized that being a ChristianContinue reading “Having the Mind of Jesus Christ”

Dealing With Anxiety

Dealing With Inner Anxiety Book of 1 Peter Chapter 3:13-22 It can be said that “anxiety” is the state of mind when we are so concerned about someone or something, to our own harm. 1) This could be a genuine concern: The Apostle Paul writing about his concern for the church at Philippi. Php 2:20Continue reading “Dealing With Anxiety”

The Family

Staying Right At Home Book of 1 Peter 3:1-12 So far as we have studied the Book of 1 Peter, we have seen how to build our relationship with God the Father. It must begin through God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We must be filled and sealed to redemption by God the HolyContinue reading “The Family”

Obedient to Government

Staying Right With Government Book of 1 Peter Chapter 2: 11-25 Peter has taken a lot of time to teach us that by loving the Lord Jesus Christ, we become the people of God. Now this is not how we become Jews, it is how we become the Bride of Christ! Now Peter changes gearsContinue reading “Obedient to Government”

Our Lives Will Be Changed By Jesus

Understanding Our Heritage Book of 1 Peter Chapter 2:1-10 In our previous lesson we learned that we must be “Born Again” to be in the family of God. God writes the name of all His children in what God calls the Lamb’s Book of Life and we must be “Born Again” to have our namesContinue reading “Our Lives Will Be Changed By Jesus”

Loving as Christians Should Love

Loving As We Live 1 Peter Chapter 1:13-25 We should understand as Peter wrote these things because persecution of the New Church was so very great. Those that were Jews had lost their property, possessions, money, and even family members and friends and excommunicated. They had been forced to flee for their lives and thisContinue reading “Loving as Christians Should Love”

The Early Church the Foundation of Joy

Laying the Foundation for Joy 1 Peter Chapter 1:1-12 The Apostle Peter (the Rock) was the son of a man named Jonas who was also a fisherman and Peter took up the occupation of “fisherman” on the Sea of Tiberias (Galilee). Peter and his brother Andrew were partners of John and James. Notice how GodContinue reading “The Early Church the Foundation of Joy”