The Allocation of the Lands of Israel

The Specific Allocation of the Land Book of Ezekiel Chapter 48 verse 1_9-10_11_21_29_31-35 In our lesson today we will see that Jehovah will divide the Promised Land far differently than it was divided by Moses or Joshua. If there were a comparison, then this division is closer to that of Moses than the division byContinue reading “The Allocation of the Lands of Israel”

God’s People Will Be Blessed

God’s Nation Is Physically Blessed Book of Ezekiel Chapter 36 Verses 5-11, 17-19, 22-28 Early in this Chapter of the Book of Ezekiel we see where the Babylonians had destroyed the lands of Israel as they marched toward Jerusalem. We see that others from the adjacent lands, the enemies of these Jews, had helped theseContinue reading “God’s People Will Be Blessed”

Sheep in Need of a Shepherd

God’s Sheep Find Their Shepherd Ezekiel Chapter 34 Today we will begin this quarter in the Old Testament, and we will see that God was the same in all His “judgments” as He is today and the answer to every question is still our “Perfect Shepherd” the Lord Jesus Christ. We must remember, all theContinue reading “Sheep in Need of a Shepherd”

The Land Redistributed

THE LAND WILL BE REDISTRIBUTED Text: Ezekiel 47:13-48:35 Focus: Ezekiel 47:13,14,21,22; 48:1,10,11,21,23,31-35 During the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ, the Promised Land will be divided among the tribes of Israel. Jerusalem will be the City of God and Christ will control government and religion from there. God WILL KEEP HIS PROMISE TO ABRAHAM, ISAAC ,Continue reading “The Land Redistributed”

Will The Temple Be Rebuilt

WILL THE TEMPLE WILL BE REBUILT? Our Text: Ezekiel 40-46 Our Focus: Ezekiel 43:1-12; 44:1-4; 46:1-4 You can go to Israel today and buy bonds that are sold to raise money to rebuild the Temple. Just today I read where the Prime Minister of Israel said he would never hand Jerusalem over to any otherContinue reading “Will The Temple Be Rebuilt”