Let’s All Go Down to the Potter’s House

God’s Sovereignty over All Nations Book of Jeremiah Chapter 18 A message I love dearly. The Potter’s House. The main ingredients of the Potter’s House are the wheel, the potter, and the clay to be molded. We must understand that every message from the Prophet Jeremiah was given to him by the Lord! Every timeContinue reading “Let’s All Go Down to the Potter’s House”

God’s Message of Love

God’s Message of Love to His People Book of Jeremiah 2 Verses 4-9, 13, 21, 26-32, 35 We already know that the Nation of Israel had been divided at the end of the rule of King Solomon. One called Judah consisted of 2 tribes and the other called Israel consisting of 10 tribes. The menContinue reading “God’s Message of Love”

The Greatness of God

Praise God For His Greatness Psalm 135 The English word “greatness” can mean many things. The word “greatness” is used 32 times in the KJV Bible. The Hebrew word “rob” which is translated into our English word “greatness” on some occasions is actually used 150 times in the Old Testament. Greatness is describes as: 1)Continue reading “The Greatness of God”