And In Walked Sin

The Beginning of Sin on Earth Book of Genesis Chapter 3 What is the truth of humanity? The world believes that humans are basically good. We may do some bad things, but we all have a good nature and just need to educate ourselves so our good nature will rule our lives. This sounds goodContinue reading “And In Walked Sin”

The Beast of the Book of Revelation

The Beasts Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Remember our last lesson where that old Serpent, the Devil, Satan himself was tossed out of the first and second heaven. The place of our atmosphere and the place of all the heavenly constellations. Well guess where he shows up? He is mad at Jehovah. His range isContinue reading “The Beast of the Book of Revelation”

Trouble Is Coming The AntiChrist

The Coming Time of Trouble Book of Daniel Chapters 11-12 As we continue in these lessons in the Book of Daniel, we have seen that the Holy Spirit gave Daniel a realistic view of world history, before it was history. Next, let me say up front, I am not qualified to go this deep intoContinue reading “Trouble Is Coming The AntiChrist”