David’s Return

David’s Return 2 Samuel 19-21 When we ended the last lesson, the rebellion of Absalom had been put down and Absalom had been killed by Joab. We should ask our selves, “What are the qualities of a good national leader”? 1) A good leader must be able to communicate! A leader should be able toContinue reading “David’s Return”

David’s Grief

David’s Grief 2 Samuel Chapter 15-18 God told King David that the sword would never depart from the house of David. Today we will see that the division in the family of David would spread to divide the entire nation of Israel. How can we best describe Absalom? Let’s let God describe Absalom for us.Continue reading “David’s Grief”

David’s Repentance

David’s Repentance 2 Samuel 12; 1 Chronicles 20 When we last left King David, he had committed grievous sin, not only against the Lord, but also against a loyal man he had known for many years and we should not forget also against his own nation Israel. All our actions will most every time affectContinue reading “David’s Repentance”

David’s Loyalty

David’s Loyalty 2 Samuel 8; 9; 1 Chronicles 18 Last week we saw how God had extended His covenant to Abraham through David but also how God had made a new covenant with David. Making a covenant with His people characterized God. In fact this is just one of the ways that Jehovah God distinguishesContinue reading “David’s Loyalty”

David’s House

David’s House 2 Samuel 7; 1 Chronicles 17 In our last lesson we got a picture of David as a type of Christian. He made many mistakes in his life, the worst ones happened when he did not  inquire of the Lord before he made major decisions. We also saw how our own actions canContinue reading “David’s House”

David’s Mistake

David’s Mistake 2 Samuel 6; 1 Chronicles 13-16 In our last lesson David was made king over all of Israel. We saw that God is actually seeking someone to get involved in government. David went from a lowly shepherd to become a great king but only by the hand of God. Other nations noticed theContinue reading “David’s Mistake”