And In Walked Sin

The Beginning of Sin on Earth Book of Genesis Chapter 3 What is the truth of humanity? The world believes that humans are basically good. We may do some bad things, but we all have a good nature and just need to educate ourselves so our good nature will rule our lives. This sounds goodContinue reading “And In Walked Sin”

You Cannot Stand the Truth

Behold, I Come Quickly Book of Revelation Chapter 22 What should we understand about Chapter 22? We must first return to the first Chapter. Rev 1:1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants “things which must shortly come to pass”; and he sent and signified it “byContinue reading “You Cannot Stand the Truth”

The True Climate Change

The New Heaven and New Earth Book of Revelation Chapter 21 through Chapter 22 Verses 1-5 When will there be a New Heaven and a New Earth? After Death and Hell are cast into the Burning Lake of Fire! Rev 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is theContinue reading “The True Climate Change”

King Jesus Rules This Earth

The Millennial Kingdom Book of Revelation Chapter 20 In Chapter 19 we saw the Lord Jesus Christ bring the “Judgment” of God upon all those who had the “mark of the beast” and all those who fell down to worship the image of the beast. The Earth is almost completely destroyed! The Lord Jesus willContinue reading “King Jesus Rules This Earth”

The Lord of Glory, The Second Coming of Christ Jesus

The Coming of Christ in Glory Book of Revelation Chapter 19 Verse 11 through 21 The one event that much of the world has been talking about and waiting on from the beginning is the “Coming of the Messiah”. Most every religion has some sort of a messiah! For the Church we know that theContinue reading “The Lord of Glory, The Second Coming of Christ Jesus”

The Marriage of the Lamb of God

The Marriage of the Lamb Book of Revelation Chapter 19 Verses 1 through 10 Some things we should understand. Prior to the return of Jesus Christ to this earth, His marriage to the Church, (the Bride of Christ) will take place in Heaven. We know that from our last lessons, when the Lord Jesus ChristContinue reading “The Marriage of the Lamb of God”

The Fall of the Antichrist

The Fall of Babylon Book of Revelation Chapter 18 Verses 1-13 In Chapter 17 we saw the destruction of the false church. We should understand by the things that have happened to the nation of Israel that Jehovah hates false religion. Obviously, Jehovah hates all sin and the Lord Jesus Christ died for all sinContinue reading “The Fall of the Antichrist”

The Victory of the Lamb of God

The Victory of the Lamb Book of Revelation Chapter 17 We should understand that Jesus is coming back to this earth for three reasons. 1) To get His church and take her home as His bride. 2) To rid this earth of wickedness and sin. 3) He is returning to reclaim this earth and ruleContinue reading “The Victory of the Lamb of God”

The Book of Revelation the Seven Last Plagues

The Seven Last Plagues Chapters 15 and 16 Just as most of the people who remain have sworn an oath to the Beast (Antichrist) and received the “Mark of The Beast” believing the Beast, will make things better. Just when things are so bad that the people are in need of relief and the AntichristContinue reading “The Book of Revelation the Seven Last Plagues”

Saints and Martyrs During the Great Tribulation

The Saints and Martyrs Book of Revelation Chapter 14 We have been seeing the time of the Seven Year Tribulation which could begin at any time except for one thing and this is the “Rapture” of the Church which is next on the Lord’s list of things to do. Remember the Apostle Peter wrote thatContinue reading “Saints and Martyrs During the Great Tribulation”