The End of the Great Tribulation

The Wonderful Kingdom Book of Zechariah Chapter 14 In Chapter 14 of Zechariah we will see the prophecy of Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 expanded. There is coming a time when most all the nations of this world will gather against the tiny nation of Israel. It will seem that all the prophesies of theContinue reading “The End of the Great Tribulation”

Trouble Is Coming The AntiChrist

The Coming Time of Trouble Book of Daniel Chapters 11-12 As we continue in these lessons in the Book of Daniel, we have seen that the Holy Spirit gave Daniel a realistic view of world history, before it was history. Next, let me say up front, I am not qualified to go this deep intoContinue reading “Trouble Is Coming The AntiChrist”

The Allocation of the Lands of Israel

The Specific Allocation of the Land Book of Ezekiel Chapter 48 verse 1_9-10_11_21_29_31-35 In our lesson today we will see that Jehovah will divide the Promised Land far differently than it was divided by Moses or Joshua. If there were a comparison, then this division is closer to that of Moses than the division byContinue reading “The Allocation of the Lands of Israel”

The River of Life

The Waters Will Be Healed Book of Ezekiel Chapter 47:1-12 Since Chapter 40 the Prophet Ezekiel has been giving us information about a Temple that has never been built in the history of the nation of Israel. This Temple according to Ezekiel, will be built during the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ. King Jesus willContinue reading “The River of Life”

Losing Our Faith

Polluted Privileges Book of Malachi Chapters 1-3 Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament We have seen in our study of the Old Testament, where Israel would sin, and the Lord would chastise them over and over again. Jehovah would scatter them across foreign soil, and He would allow them to return backContinue reading “Losing Our Faith”

Israel Would Return From Captivity

The Return from Captivity Book of Jeremiah Chapter 29 The Christian life is not always an easy life, but we are still to be at peace in our heart and soul, because we know we are on the winning side. In our own nation we know that it is divided even more than it hasContinue reading “Israel Would Return From Captivity”

Submitting to the Will of God

Submission to God’s Will Book of Jeremiah Chapter 27 What is a lie? Many things are said to one another through ignorance of the subject end up being untruths, but a lie is an intentional violation of the truth. The father of all lies is Satan the Devil. Joh 8:44 Ye are of your fatherContinue reading “Submitting to the Will of God”

Two Groups of People

Judah Deported Book of Jeremiah Chapter 24 To understand this lesson, we need to understand the sacrifice of the “first fruits”. These first fruits were to be the choicest of the first harvest of the crops. The nation of Israel was known as God’s “first fruits”. Jer 2:3 Israel was holiness unto the LORD, andContinue reading “Two Groups of People”

God Will Regather True Israel

The Regathering of Israel Book of Jeremiah Chapter 23 Before we get started in our lesson we should see to whom the Lord is directing these words. We only have to back up one chapter to chapter 22 verse 29. Jer 22:29 O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD. We should knowContinue reading “God Will Regather True Israel”

Understanding the Judgement of God

God’s Judgment on Judah Book of Jeremiah Chapter 16 We can say that “judgment” is the power of determining anything to be true or false. In fact, in every instance of memory or perception there is involved some judgment! We do this even without realizing what we have done. Every act of the conscious mindContinue reading “Understanding the Judgement of God”