Have You Said Yes To Jesus

Preparation for the Last Times Book of Jude Verses 17-25 We are a foolish people if we do not believe that we are closer to the return of Jesus than we have ever been before. We can obviously see that we live in days similar to those of Noah. Mat 24:37 But as the daysContinue reading “Have You Said Yes To Jesus”

Identifying a False Preacher

Identifying False Prophets Book of 2 Peter 2:1-22 How many of us truly know how to recognize the false prophet? This means the false pastor, the false preacher, the false evangelist, the false bishop and any other false messenger, who are not called of God, but call themselves or allow some other group of menContinue reading “Identifying a False Preacher”

God Warns Us—-Proving The Prophets Of God

God’s Warnings—Proving The Prophets Of God Our Text: Deuteronomy 13-26 Our Focus: Chapter 13:1-5; 18:9-15, 18-22 Many writers always try to give the key verse in a Bible passage and we should always look for the key message God has for us when we study the Bible. It is true that the Holy Spirit willContinue reading “God Warns Us—-Proving The Prophets Of God”