Jesus Was Buried but He Rose Again

Jesus Was Buried and Rose Again Book of John Chapter 19:38-20:10 We left off last week at the death of our Savior. The truth is the Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God came down from Heaven to die in payment for the sin of this entire world from the time He was born of a “virgin”Continue reading “Jesus Was Buried but He Rose Again”

Stand For The Truth

The Stand For The Truth Book of Galatians 2:1-10 What is taking a stand? To take a stand with the Lord is to continue in your “Faith” unchanged by what others say! Taking a stand on the Word of God means taking the Word of God literal. Literal means that that words and the sentencesContinue reading “Stand For The Truth”

The Gospel Message Is Unique

The Uniqueness Of The Gospel Book of Galatians 1:6-12 The word unique means a thing unparalleled, or one of a kind. A thing that has no equal, and is unmatched in it’s kind and in it’s excellence. Uniqueness is the quality of being unique! What is pluralism? Pluralism is a worldview that says one’s religionContinue reading “The Gospel Message Is Unique”