Order Between the Church and the Government

Order Between the Church and Governments Book of Titus Chapter 3 As we get into this lesson we must realize, this passage is not about the rulers of government and their behavior, because God has chosen them according to His continuing will. Paul is writing to Titus and the Church, to each believer and ourContinue reading “Order Between the Church and the Government”

Christian Behavior, Order in the Home

Order in Christian Homes (Christian Behavior) Book of Titus Chapter 2 Verse 16 of chapter 1 describes the hypocrite the false preacher or teacher. Tit 1:16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate. Again, Christian behavior does not mean weContinue reading “Christian Behavior, Order in the Home”

God is Orderly in the Things He Does

Order in the Lord’s Churches Book of Titus 1 The Book of Titus was written to Titus and the Church sometime after Paul had written the first Book of Timothy to Timothy and the Church. Titus was a Gentile whereas Timothy was a Jew according to the bloodline of his mother. A Jew can onlyContinue reading “God is Orderly in the Things He Does”

Precious Rewards in Perilous Times

Precious Rewards 2 Timothy 4 As we close out the 2 Books of Timothy, next week will begin with a few lessons in the Book of Titus. We should not forget this second book written in the name of Timothy contains the last written words of the Apostle Paul. It was written from Rome asContinue reading “Precious Rewards in Perilous Times”

Perilous Times, Scoffers, The Falling Away

Precious Provision Book of 2 Timothy 3 This Lesson will show us that according to the Word of God, we are in the last days of the Church Age. Remember the New Testament is written to the Church, even though we are still to become real familiar with both the Old Testament and the NewContinue reading “Perilous Times, Scoffers, The Falling Away”

Oh, So Precious Promises

Precious Promises Book of 2 Timothy 2 Again, we are learning ourselves as we study this letter written to Timothy that would also be preached to all the New Testament Church establish by the Lord Jesus Christ, the foundation of all Christianity. We should know by now that the Church is to be a mirrorContinue reading “Oh, So Precious Promises”

Precious Memories in Perilous Times

Precious Memories Book of 2 Timothy Chapter 1 As we begin the 2 Book to Timothy, we should understand that several years had passed since Paul had written the first Book to Timothy. Paul had first written to Timothy while he was in Laodicea. At the time Paul wrote this second letter to Timothy, PaulContinue reading “Precious Memories in Perilous Times”

The Truth of God is in the Scriptures not in the World

Faithful Interaction 1 Timothy 5 We should understand as Christians we must certainly share in the responsibility for each other in times of need and all other times. Gal 6:10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, “especially unto them who are of the household of faith”. Just as weContinue reading “The Truth of God is in the Scriptures not in the World”

The Great Falling Away From Christianity

Departing from The Faith Book of 1 Timothy Chapter 4 We can understand this passage if we understand “apostasy”! Apostasy takes place when a so-called Christian abandons the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ. This can take place by making a verbal declaration or we can see it by their actions. Paul was charged withContinue reading “The Great Falling Away From Christianity”

We Must Be Faithful to the Truth of God

Faithful Behavior Book of 1 Timothy 3:1-16 As we know the two Books of Timothy and the Book of Titus teach how the Holy Spirit wants the Church to be organized. There are only two offices determined by the Holy Spirit and they are Pastor and Deacon even though they may different names in manyContinue reading “We Must Be Faithful to the Truth of God”