The Prophet Elisha

Elisha God’s Prophet Of Miracles 1 Kings 19 – 2 Kings 2-6 Before we begin with Elisha we need to consider a few more things of Elijah. Elijah had one main mission as he saw it. The name Elijah means: “whose God is Jehovah” and as his name implied, Elijah felt it was his missionContinue reading “The Prophet Elisha”

King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, The Demonic Duo

Ahab And Jezebel The Demonic Duo 1Kings 21 Last week our lesson was about the courage of the man of God named Elijah. The name Elijah has this meaning “whose God is Jehovah”! At the end of last weeks lesson we know that Elijah had fled from the wrath of Jezebel and during that timeContinue reading “King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, The Demonic Duo”

Elijah, God’s Prophet

Elijah, God’s Prophet Of Courage 1 Kings 17–2 Kings 2 From our previous lessons we know that Israel had been divided into two separate nations, one being Judah and the other the 10 tribes now called Israel. Israel had departed from the Living God, Jehovah and had turned to idolatry. Because of God’s mercy andContinue reading “Elijah, God’s Prophet”

King Jeroboam and King Asa A Contrast In Worship

Jeroboam and Asa A Contrast In Worship 1 Kings 12-16 2 Chronicles 11-16 It is the choices that we make in this life that define our existence and our legacy! What is the truth that cannot be denied by any people? 1. Sinful life style choices will have an immediate effect on any people! 2.Continue reading “King Jeroboam and King Asa A Contrast In Worship”

Solomon God’s Man Of Wisdom

Solomon God’s Man Of Wisdom 1 Kings 3:4-15, 28; 4:29-34 Bible history tells us that Solomon was the third King of Israel and his father was David the second king. Solomon was born of Bathsheba after David and Bathsheba became husband and wife. David had many wives and therefore he had many sons and daughtersContinue reading “Solomon God’s Man Of Wisdom”