Pleasing God Requires Obedience

Pleasing God Requires Obedience Our Text: Leviticus chapters 25-27 As we finish our lessons in the Book of Leviticus we must realize we have only touched on the importance of this book. This book is one of the most quoted books in the New Testament. Being a “separated” people to the Lord is the themeContinue reading “Pleasing God Requires Obedience”

Walking With God Requires Separation

Walking with God Requires Separation Our Text: Leviticus Chapters 11-24 Our Focus: Leviticus 11:43-45; 19:1-4; 20:7, 8, 22-27 There are many that ask, why do we study the Old Testament, if we are the New Testament Church? First, we should realize that all the Bible is for our instruction: 2Ti 3:16  All scripture is givenContinue reading “Walking With God Requires Separation”

Fellowship With God Requires Sacrifice

Fellowship With God Requires Sacrifice Text: Book of Leviticus Chapters 1-10 Focus: Chapter 9 and if time allows part of Chapter 10: Today we will begin a three week study of the Book of Leviticus. This not near enough time to cover this great Book of the Bible. We know this world we live inContinue reading “Fellowship With God Requires Sacrifice”