The Fall of the Antichrist

The Fall of Babylon Book of Revelation Chapter 18 Verses 1-13 In Chapter 17 we saw the destruction of the false church. We should understand by the things that have happened to the nation of Israel that Jehovah hates false religion. Obviously, Jehovah hates all sin and the Lord Jesus Christ died for all sinContinue reading “The Fall of the Antichrist”

The Victory of the Lamb of God

The Victory of the Lamb Book of Revelation Chapter 17 We should understand that Jesus is coming back to this earth for three reasons. 1) To get His church and take her home as His bride. 2) To rid this earth of wickedness and sin. 3) He is returning to reclaim this earth and ruleContinue reading “The Victory of the Lamb of God”

The Book of Revelation the Seven Last Plagues

The Seven Last Plagues Chapters 15 and 16 Just as most of the people who remain have sworn an oath to the Beast (Antichrist) and received the “Mark of The Beast” believing the Beast, will make things better. Just when things are so bad that the people are in need of relief and the AntichristContinue reading “The Book of Revelation the Seven Last Plagues”

Saints and Martyrs During the Great Tribulation

The Saints and Martyrs Book of Revelation Chapter 14 We have been seeing the time of the Seven Year Tribulation which could begin at any time except for one thing and this is the “Rapture” of the Church which is next on the Lord’s list of things to do. Remember the Apostle Peter wrote thatContinue reading “Saints and Martyrs During the Great Tribulation”

The Beast of the Book of Revelation

The Beasts Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Remember our last lesson where that old Serpent, the Devil, Satan himself was tossed out of the first and second heaven. The place of our atmosphere and the place of all the heavenly constellations. Well guess where he shows up? He is mad at Jehovah. His range isContinue reading “The Beast of the Book of Revelation”

Satan Has No Where Else to Hide

The Great War on Earth Chapter 11 verse 15 through Chapter 12 Since Chapter 9 we have been learning about three woes mentioned in these Scriptures of destiny from the Book of Revelation. John the Apostle wrote down things that he saw in a vision and he wrote down some things he was just toldContinue reading “Satan Has No Where Else to Hide”

The Two Witnesses

The Two Witnesses Book of Revelation Chapter 11 Verses 1 through 14 We should understand that we are still in that interval between the sounding of the sixth and seventh trumpet and all these things are part of the seventh seal. This is a very interesting chapter in the Book of Revelation! Many people haveContinue reading “The Two Witnesses”

The Devastation of Judgment

The Thunder Judgments Book of Revelation Chapter 10 As we have gotten to this point in the Book of Revelation, the earth has been devastated with destruction. At least half of the world’s population has been destroyed. Those that remain are so full of pride and arrogance, that they refuse to repent of their evilContinue reading “The Devastation of Judgment”

The Judgment of God The Seven Trumpets

The Seventh Seal; the Trumpet Judgments Book of Revelation Chapters 8 and 9 In our last lesson there had been a small break between the sixth seal and the seventh seal and 144,000 Evangelist from the children of Israel, 12,000 from each tribe had been selected and sealed in the name of the Lord. WeContinue reading “The Judgment of God The Seven Trumpets”

Can I Say No To Jesus and Still Get Into Heaven

The Saved in the Great Tribulation Book of Revelation Chapter 7 As we move on into Chapter 7 we find answers to a lot of questions for those who have been taught some things that are not true. The one most important thing is that there will be many saved during the Tribulation period andContinue reading “Can I Say No To Jesus and Still Get Into Heaven”